Stay Ahead of Hair Loss

Depending on the stage and condition of your hair loss, we may advise you use these non-invasive, convenient at-home hair restoration solutions. You can learn more about those treatments below. To find out which is the best option for you, schedule a hair and scalp analysis.

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    Finasteride is a FDA-approved medication used to treat hair loss in men by inhibiting 5a-redcutase preventing DHT production. DHT is a hormone that attacks hair follicles in men.


    Minoxidil is a topical medication applied twice a day and is clinically proven to regrow hair.

    Votesse: Plant-Based Medication

    Sometimes keeping things simple makes them more successful.

    Simplicity is a factor in the efficacy of any ongoing maintenance program that is administered by the patient. Votesse is easy to administer yourself and fits seamlessly into your daily routine:

    • √ Oral supplements are taken twice daily with meals.
    • √ Topical foam is applied to damp or dry hair daily, after washing.

    Find the right hair loss solution for your situation.